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Poland's Grower & Packing House

Blueberry Supplier

Poland blueberry farm, grower & packing house. 11 years of blueberry export Europe & Asia.
Minimum order from 500 kg. Season from July to September.

Who we are?

Poland Blueberry Supplier

Blueberry item

We are – FRUTKOS POLSKA SP Z O O is Poland vertically integrated blueberry supplier & exporter.
We are responsible for every stage of the blueberries production starting from seeding & planting to harvesting, sorting & packing.

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The total area of our blueberries plantations in Poland is 90 ha.

The annual harvest production of blueberries is 550 tons. We produce & export 3 varieties of blueberries: Duke, Bluecorp & Chandler.

Blueberry item

Our blueberries exported with Global GAP, BRC and TNC certificates.

We packing blueberries in 125, 150, 250 and 500 grams plastic packages with your or our brand sticker on it (OEM production available).

Blueberry item

Harvested blueberries are transported to our packing house and cooled to 6 ℃ in less than 2 hours.

Our Blueberry packing lines works with sorting modules for soft, overripe and damaged fruits.

Why Choose our Blueberries?

  • Plantation size: 90 ha
  • Annual harvest: 550 tons
  • Season: from July to September
  • Packing house with 3 sorting lines
  • 3 varaieties available for export
  • 11 years in fruit export business
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Blueberry Varieties

Poland's blueberry available for
export to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

Blueberry supplier from Poland Blueberry Duke


Available: from the first week
to the end of July

Blueberry Duke is big and hard with weak grey coating. Suitable for long transportation and long shelf life.

Blueberry supplier from Poland Blueberry Bluecrop


Available: from middle of July to
the end of August

Blueberry Bluerop is medium size, tasty and intensive coating. Requires fast cold & gentle handling.

Blueberry supplier from Poland Blueberry Chandler


Available: from beggining August
to the end of September

Blueberry Changler is big size, tasty and normal coating. Ideal for long transportation and durable shelf life.

Poland's Blueberries


Blueberry from Poland large size

​Size is bigger & color is deep blue

Blueberry from Poland sweeter, frim & crunchier

​Taste is sweeter, texture is firm & crunchier

Blueberry from Poland with longer shelf life

Longer shelf life & fresh

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We exports to

Europe: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Norway.

Asia: Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

We have experinece and know how to handle export to Europe & Asia.

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Questions on Poland's blueberry


  • FRUTKOS POLSKA SP Z O O, NIP 5272664018 KRS 0000394204
  • Warpęsy 60 05-604 Jasieniec, Mazowieckie, Poland
  • Poland Office: +48 787 801872
  • Email:

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia Sales
Grigoriy Ryabtsev sales for Poland bluberry in Asia
  • Grigoriy Ryabtsev
  • +48 223 073 210 (Whastapp)

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